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The flight was downed over Ukraine by a missile fired by a unit based in Russia, investigators say.
Women were separated from their husbands and raped in refugee camps, says Amnesty International.
The parliament approves a new law saying that the lack of consent, even without violence, is a crime.
Socotra, one of the most biologically unique places on Earth, is hit by a powerful cyclone.
Journalists invited to the Punggye-ri site say a series of controlled explosions took place.
The woman named Farah was rescued after accusing her family of luring her from Italy to Pakistan.
South Africa's president is one of the richest men in the country, with a fortune of around $450m.
The move comes as Germany's biggest lender attempts to return to profitability.
Police form a cordon around the site where the WW2 bomb was found and urge people to stay away.
Sterling Brown told police "you didn't have to touch me" after they used a stun-gun on him.
The 54-year-old Australian was found to be carrying 1.1kg of crystal methamphetamine in 2014.
Police inspect lavatories for people using newspapers with leader's photo to wipe themselves.
The world's longest pest-proof fence will protect native animals in the Australian outback.
Martin Luther King's daughter condemns Steve Bannon's claim that the icon would have backed Mr Trump.
Max Thunder and some other subjects that could prove sensitive at the Singapore summit.
China is increasingly going after companies that don't abide by its territorial claims.
Top athletes and ministers have been joining in with a trending social media exercise campaign.
With Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in ill health, attention is turning to who might replace him.
Itai Dzamara was one of Robert Mugabe's most outspoken critics before he disappeared three years ago.
Voters are returning home from across the world to cast their ballot in Friday's historic referendum.


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