Keeping Safe and Wellbeing Evening for Parents and Carers


Wednesday, November 19, 2014 - 5:30pm to 7:30pm

In order to raise awareness of a number of health and personal safety issues, Wingfield held a ‘Keep Safe and Wellbeing’ evening for parents and carers. The evening gave parents and carers the opportunity to visit a number of workshops where they can discuss, or seek advice on, a number of health and personal safety issues.

We believe that our students deserve the best possible support. Informing parents and carers of the services that exist to support them is very important. A partnership approach between the Academy and parents and carers will ensure that our school community is better informed and equipped to signpost families to appropriate support services should they ever need them.

Workshops held

  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Safe @ Last
  • Know The Score – Drug and Alcohol Services for Young People
  • Healthy Eating
  • Mental Health / Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
  • E-Safety

Healthy Eating Workshop - Dr Matt Capehorn. lead in RIO (Rotherham Institute of Obesity)Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) WorkshopKnow The Score - Drug and Alcohol Services for Young Poeple

Evaluation and feedback of the Wellbeing Evening

  • Number of people signing in:    27
  • Number of forms returned:    18
  • Number of parents attending each session:
    • Know the Score: 3
    • Safe @ Last: 10
    • Mental Health: 4
    • Healthy Eating: 7
    • E safety: 2
    • Child Sexual Exploitation: 9
  • Words they felt applied to the sessions:
    • Interesting: 14
    • Informative/relevant: 16
    • Appropriate: 11
  • Comments:
    • Very informative. Found out lots I wasn’t fully aware of. Good to know  there are lots of information and services out there to have access to.
    • Very informative. Excellent presentation
    • This should happen more often and be presented to the children.
    • Good sessions.
    • Frightening. We are strict parents.
    • Parents need to have more sessions like this. We need more information on CSE.
  • How confident are parents now they have had the information?
    • Very   9
    • Fairly    8
    • Same as before  1
    • Not at all.   0
  • Suggestions to improve the evening?
    • Just sessions being a little longer, perhaps.
    • Parents like myself have limited understanding of the internet and how much it is used in CSE. Need to know more about phones, computers, tablets etc.
    • More time. Needs to be put on regularly. Sometimes during the day maybe in community area now.
    • Open it up to an even wider audience through website, parents’ views etc.
    • More time available for each session. All three sessions available on same night.
    • Longer time to allow for Q & A sessions
    • Repeat sessions to continue informing parents.

20th November 2014