Acceptable Use of Mobile Technology On Site

Type: Letter Home
Author: LWO
Year of Publishing: 2017

Dear Parent/Carer,

The Academy firmly believes that students require a mobile telephone on their journey to and from the Academy for safety purposes.

The Academy has a clear and definite policy which relates to the use of mobile telephones on site.
‘Students are not allowed mobile phones in learning or social times whilst on Academy site. The taking of photos on personal mobiles or other devices is not allowed. There are to be no exceptions to this rule. The rule extends to corridors and outside areas as well as classrooms’.

Recently, we have experienced a small number of incidents that have involved videos and photographs being taken within the Academy and posted on-line via social media outlets.

Both students and Academy staff have been identifiable on the images. This presents significant and serious breach of safeguarding protocol and furthermore such behaviours could bring the Academy into disrepute.

Further incidents involving students will result in lengthy fixed term external exclusions for individuals and may lead to a permanent exclusion and the involvement of the Academy’s Governing Body.

All documentation regarding the use of mobile technology and safeguarding protocol can be found on the Academy’s website should you require further clarification.

We pride ourselves in empowering and educating our young people to make well informed and safe decisions regarding their welfare and well-being. Please fully support us in this effort.

Yours sincerely,


Lindsay Wootton Ashforth

Assistant Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead

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