Attendance Figures

Aims and Principles of Good Attendance

  • All students have a minimum attendance target 96%.
  • The school/academy is committed to maximising the achievement and attainment of all pupils/students.
  • There is a clear link between good attendance and educational achievement.
  • Regular and punctual attendance is vital if pupils/students are to benefit fully from the academic, personal and social opportunities, which are offered to them within the school/academy.
  • Parents/carers play an important role in supporting the school/academy and encouraging pupils/students to reach good attendance levels.
  • A broad and balanced education is dependent on regular attendance at school/academy.
  • School/academy will take appropriate action to promote and encourage good attendance.

Attendance Performance

Academy (all years)
2016-2017 (as of end December 2016)
Year 795.5%
Year 894.9%
Year 993.6%
Year 1093.1%
Year 1194.5%

Supporting Attendance, Achievement and Progress


  • On each day of absence parents/carers must inform the Academy by 8.45am on 01709 512342. Please leave a voicemail if the lines are busy.
  • Failure to do so will result in contact being made by the Attendance team (first day of absence).
  • Where attendance falls below target levels (95%) over a prolonged period of time a letter of concern will be sent home.
  • Continued concern will lead to further communications, these could include, forming attendance action plans, attendance panel meetings and possible prosecution in more serious cases.

Absence during the Academy day / appointments

  • A student wishing to leave the Academy for a medical appointment must report to the Attendance Office or Reception in the morning. Attendance Officers will log all appointments in the appointment log book.
  • The student must sign out of the Academy with their time of departure and the reason for leaving the Academy.
  • The student must sign in again at the Attendance Office or Reception if they return to the Academy during the same session.


Arriving at the Academy prepared for learning in correct uniform, with full equipment and a well-focussed attitude for learning is of crucial importance. This is key to a positive start to the days learning. The Academy is open for students from 8.00am and all are expected to be in the building by 8.25am and in tutor time by 8.30am. Failure to do this will result in disruption to their own learning as well as the learning of others.

If a student is late more than once they will receive appropriate sanctions (including detentions). If the problem continues the Academy will make contact with Parents/Carers and seek clarification and plan ways forward. This may well include involving the Education Welfare Officer.