Call Handling

Type: Letter Home
Author: Phil Davis
Year of Publishing: 2017

Dear Parent/Carer

In order to ensure your child has the full support of all our staff during the Academic day we have revised our process for dealing with telephone calls/visitors to the Academy.  

With immediate effect, the Form Tutor will play a more significant role in the life of our young people.  Any call concerning individual issues with students e.g uniform, ELT, friendship issues or subject related will be addressed by them in the first instance.

If, unfortunately, the Form Tutor is unable to assist/resolve a situation, calls/visitors will be dealt with by our experienced Reception staff as follows;

  • Year Team Leaders/Middle Leaders – will only be contacted when an issue cannot be resolved by the Form Tutor.
  • Senior Leadership Team (strictly before 8:45am or after 2:45pm only) – will only be contacted when an issue cannot be resolved by either the Year Team or Middle Leader.
  • Headteacher – will only be contacted when all attempts to resolve any issue have been exhausted. 

On contacting our Main Reception, you will be asked to provide the nature of your call/visit.  Please do not be offended, this information will be utilised to ensure your enquiry is dealt with by the appropriate member of staff in the appropriate manner. 


Yours Sincerely


Mr P Davis

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