Cultural Diversity Evening

On Wednesday 9th March, Wingfield Academy held a Cultural Diversity / International Food Evening. This gave the opportunity to try some of the food that has been served on our 'Try Something Different Tuesdays' where each week students are offered a meal from a different country, from Cuban Meatloaf to Chicken Korma.

To complement the food there was a selection of entertainment consisting of music and dance from around the world and a cooking demonstation from our Head Chef, Kevin Flynn.

The following foods were available to sample on the evening (click the dish for a how-to guide from Kev's Cookbook):

Lamb Tagine

Tender pieces of lamb cooked in a rich sauce of tomatoes, fruit and eastern spices

Mushroom Stroganoff

A selection of sautéed mushrooms served in a sour cream and brandy sauce

Chicken Supreme

Diced chicken and mushrooms gently cooked in a white wine sauce

Beef Chilli

Strips of beef cooked in a hot and spicy tomato sauce with kidney beans and peppers

All served with:

  • Sautéed diced potatoes and root vegetables
  • Braised rice and peas


The Scientist (Coldplay / United Kingdom)

Sian Gleadhall (Year 10)

Extract from 'Miss Julie' (August Strindberg / Sweden)

Bridie Cooper (Year 11)

Spring (Greek dance)

Jessica Lee Jennings (Lisa Marie Tetley School of Dance)

You've Got a Friend (James taylor / American Folk song)

Emmanuel Dexter (Youth Pastor: Liberty Church, Rotherham)

'Cook with Kev' (Mushroom Stroganoff / Russia)

Kevin Flynn (Head Chef)

Lygaria (Greek dance)

Maria Papazoglou (Lisa Marie Tetley School of Dance)

Search For My Tongue (Sujata Bhatt)

Mark Jones (Assistant Headteacher)

Ceilidh (Scottish dance)

Richard Jumbe / Hilary Selby / Kaja Hermann / Lauryn Reiff (Youth / Schools workers)