Daily Checks

Your daily equipment

The college will provide you with:

  • Textbooks
  • Exercise Books
  • A Student Planner

You will need to provide a suitable bag, large enough for an A4 folder AND pencil case containing:

  • 2 Black Pens
  • 2 Green Pens
  • 2 Pencils
  • 1 Pencil Sharpener
  • 1 Ruler
  • 1 Rubber

Equipment checks will be made daily by your form tutor in prep time. Equipment can be purchased in college but we advise Students to arrive properly equipped in order to achieve a flying start to each day.


Sanctions such as a teacher detention will be enforced if you forget your equipment.

College uniform code

Students Uniform (all items are compulsory):

  • Formal plain black shoes
  • White shirt/blouse tucked in and top button fastened
  • Wingfield Jumper/Cardigan with logo
  • Academy tie
  • Plain black tailored trousers or knee length skirt worn with black tights
  • Black socks/tights
  • Bag that is large enough to take an A4 folder/book

Mandatory Uniform:

Items you can purchase from any retailer:


Plain black tailored trousers (suit style) see examples below:



Tight fitting or slouch trousers  are not acceptable.


Skirts must be black, knee length and worn with black tights.



Formal plain black shoes

Acceptable Shoes

Shoes must have a strong and solid bottom.  Canvas/ballerina shoes are flimsy and not acceptable due to health and safety issues in workshops and laboratories.


White Shirt / blouse with either short sleeves or long sleeves.  No capped sleeves. Must be tucked in and top button fastened.

Long Sleaved ShirtShort Sleaved Shirt

Items of Mandatory Uniform available from Pinder's

All Wingfield uniform including the physical education kit can be purchased from our stockist Pinder's near Rotherham Bus Station ( also Johnny D's Rotherham Market).

  • College Tie
  • Black jumper with logo
  • Black cardigan with logo

Jumper & Tie Cardigan & Tie

The Wingfield PE Kit

  • PE Pack (inc rugby shirt, polo shirt, shorts & socks)
  • These can also be purchased individually:
    • Rugby shirt
    • Sports polo shirt
    • shorts
    • socks
  • Optional items of the PE kit (not included in the pack)
    • Navy tracksuit bottoms
    • Fleece

The list below contains examples of attire that go against the Academy uniform code and must not be worn. This list is not exhaustive:

  • Training shoes, sandals, flip flops, canvas, plimsolls, high heeled shoes or boots.
  • Shoe laces other than black.
  • Jewellery – with the exception of one pair of small stud earrings, signet ring and a watch
  • Denim/leather garments or extremes of fashion
  • Hoods or any hats inside the Academy building or outside space
  • Coats and outdoor clothing in the Academy building
  • Jumpers/Cardigan other than Wingfield
  • Large decorative belts/coloured belts other than black
  • Brightly coloured dyed hair
  • Body, facial or tongue piercings including retainers
  • Patterns shaved into hair or other extreme hairstyles (e.g. shaved shorter than number 2)


Y7 and Y8 students are not permitted to wear make-up, for students in Y9, Y10 and Y11 make-up must be minimal and discreet (looking entirely natural). Eye shadow, false lashes, eye liner, heavy mascara and brightly coloured lip stick would not be acceptable for any student. Excessive make-up and orange or brown foundation make-up will have to be removed. False nails, such as acrylic or gel, and any coloured nail varnish are not regarded as acceptable.

Parents are encouraged to contact the Academy before buying or sending your son/daughter to the Academy in or with anything you feel may be deemed unacceptable. Students in breach of the uniform code will have items confiscated and placed in the Academy safe. Students will be able to collect the items at the end of the week from the Academy’s reception from 2.45pm. Where items of non-Academy uniform cannot be removed or confiscated, parents will be contacted and students may be placed in the Consequence Room until the issue is resolved.