GCSE Mathematics / Further Maths Certificate

Qualification Type:GCSE / Further Maths Certificate
Exam Board:AQA
Subject Leader:Mr Arezoo

Course Description

From working out the cost of your shopping, to building skyscrapers, to designing Formula One cars, Mathematics underpins much of what we come across in day-to-day life.

The skills you will develop through Mathematics study include:

  • Making and using patterns through algebra;
  • Linking numerical skills to solve problems;
  • Developing mental arithmetic skills;
  • Communication;
  • Making sense of data;
  • Describing, analysing and investigating the properties of shape and space.

These skills will be developed through 5 strands of Mathematics:

  • Properties of Number;
  • Calculation Skills;
  • Algebra;
  • Geometry and Measure;
  • Data Handling and Probability;

Throughout your time studying these strands, the elements of Knowledge, Skills and Understanding will be assessed and tested regularly, through the means of Solving Problems, Practical Work, Investigation, Discussion, Exposition and Routine Practice. The Mathematics Department is committed to developing your confidence in Mathematics to a level that is right for you to achieve your goals.

Assessment Format

Single GCSE entry, made up of a non-calculator and calculator paper at the end of the course. Some students will have the opportunity to study the new Level 2 Further Mathematics Certificate as a bridge towards A-Level study.

Possible Progression (including careers and further education)

Students of Mathematics have moved onto careers as diverse as Computer Game Design, Architecture, Engineering, Banking and Finance, Nursing and Healthcare, Cryptography, Mining, Forensic Science and even Football Statistics!

The next step after GCSE could be A-Level Mathematics, followed up by a degree in Mathematics or an applied course (IT, Engineering, Finance, etc). To see more career and Post-16 opportunities see http://plus.maths.org