GCSE Music

Qualification Type:GCSE
Exam Board:EDEXCEL
Subject Leader:Mr Kingham & Miss Platts

Course Description

  • Perform music- on any instrument or voice and you can perform music in any style e.g. pop, rock etc
  • Compose your own music – You will use computers and a variety of music software to help with this. You can compose music in any style including; pop songs, dance music, rock music etc.#
  • Listen to music in different styles.
  • Work on your own as well as with others.

Assessment Format

  • Coursework = 60%
  • 1 Exam = 40%

There are 3 elements to the assessment

  1. Performance coursework (30%): You have to perform 2 pieces for assessment. These pieces can be in any style and can be performed on any instrument or voice. You will perform your 2 chosen pieces and your teacher will record them and send them to the examiner to mark. You can perform your pieces at any point throughout Y10 and Y11 and you can re-record them if you are not happy with the outcome. Both performances count for a total of 30% of your GCSE grade.
  2. Composition coursework (30%): You have to compose 2 pieces throughout Y10 & Y11. Your compositions can by in any style and can be for any instrument or group of instruments. Both compositions are marked by your teacher and then sent to the examiner to mark. You do not have to perform your compositions.You will input your compositions onto a computer using music software and the software will play back your compositions for you. Both compositions count for a total of 30% of your GCSE grade.
  3. Listening Exam (40%): You will have 1 exam paper at the end of year 11 where you will listen to examples of music on a CD and answer questions. The questions will be related to specific pieces of music that you have studied throughout Y10 and Y11 including: Pop music, electronic music, experimental music songs from musicals, African music, etc. This exam is worth 40% of your final GCSE grade.

The course is worth 1 GCSE grade.