GCSE Science and Additional Science

Subject:Science and Additional Science
Qualification Type:2xGCSE (Science in Y10, Additional Science in Y11)
Exam Board:OCR B (Gateway Science)
Subject Leader:Mr Lomasney

Course Description

GCSE Science at Wingfield leads to 2 GCSE grades, one studied in Y10 and the other in Y11.

These courses complement each other. Science is studied in Y10, exploring key scientific ideas and looking at how science has impacted on society. At the end of Y10 the course in graded.

Additional Science is taken in Y11. It builds on the ideas from Y10 to further develop scientific understanding and skills.

Assessment Format

You will gain 2 separate GCSE grades, one for Science, the second for Additional Science. Each qualification is assessed by taking 2 exams (worth 75% of the grade) and then a piece of controlled assessment (worth the remaining 25%).

Science exams are taken at the end of Y10, Additional Science exam are taken at the end of Y11.

Possible Progression (including careers and further education)

  • Further science study, including A-levels and University
  • Any Scientific career
  • Any engineering career