Hairspray Jnr

Wingfield Academy was transported back to the sixties during jaw dropping performances of Hairspray on 9th and 10th June. Sian lit up the stage as Tracey Turnblad, the fun loving teen who believes that everyone can follow their dreams and help to change the world. Six months of hard work, dedication and commitment have gone into producing this slick and stylish show and it showed on stage.

The cast showed real star quality and performed with energy and passion throughout the whole performance. Markela  shone as Tracey’s dippy best friend Penny and Libby and Leona  were perfectly cast as the villainous mother and daughter duo, Velma and Amber. Morgan provided plenty of laughs with his confident and comical portrayal of Tracey’s larger than life mother Edna and Leo  was hilarious as Tracey’s wacky father, Wilbur. Abigail also gave a poised and polished performance as Penny’s uptight mother Prudy.

Hairspray follows Tracey’s rise to stardom after being spotted by TV host Corny Collins, who was confidently and maturely played by Ben . After meeting new friends Seaweed (James ) and Little Inez (Mbalenhle ) and falling in love with teen heart throb Link Larkin (Matt ) Tracey decides to attempt to integrate the show and break down the barriers of racism and discrimination forever. Spurred on by a moving rendition of “I Know Where I’ve Been” by Motormouth Maybelle (Rose) Tracey and the gang storm the TV station and manage to change the face of television forever.

Audiences were wowed by the professional performances given by the whole cast and commented on the passion that was evident throughout the entire cast. Huge congratulations to everyone involved in Hairspray!