Vision Statement for MFL Department

Y7 Spanish themes/topics

  • Module 1: Greetings, introducing yourself, numbers, age, birthdays, classroom instructions, celebrations in Spanish speaking countries, numbers 1 to 100.
  • Module 2: family, animals, colours, simple opinions, languages, nationalities, countries, what people look like, personalities
  • Module 3: School subjects, school buildings, likes and dislikes, school timetable, what time is it
  • Module 4: clothes and uniform.

Y8 Spanish themes/topics

  • Module 1: where I live- local area, places in town, directions, house and home
  • Module 2:leisure activies, weather
  • Module 3: food
  • Module 4: holidays- transport, accomodation, making a booking, holiday activities, description of a past holiday, tourism in South Yorkshire and abroad

Y9 Spanish themes/topics

  • Module 1:  Television and medias- cinema, Tv programmes, books, new technologies
  • Module 2:  Fit and Healthy, Lifestyle choices
  • Module 3: Family and relationships.
  • Module 4: My life as a celebrity. (first written GCSE controlled assessment)