KS3 Quest

Quest: ‘A Wonderful Way to Teach English.’

The curriculum of QUEST combines enrichment and experience with the teaching of the vital skills of reading, writing, and speaking and listening.

The half-termly, topic based lessons rely heavily on ‘hands-on’ experiences, where our students see projects through from beginning to end, often relating their ideas and skills to real-life situations. They are fun, interactive and entertaining. Much of the subject is a text based approach which will reinforce structures of upper KS2 delivery and facilitate opportunities for educational trips, visiting speakers, group and kinaesthetic learning and incorporates many SMSC links.

There are 7 lessons per week, all delivered by qualified and experienced English teachers.

Opportunities will be available for guest speakers to come into school to present talks or workshops related to the current topic being studied. Additionally, there will be some occasions where a school trip is planned to enrich our students’ learning.

Our plan in Quest, is to bridge the gap between primary school and the rigorous needs and demands of later GCSE success; however, our aim is to set the students off on this pathway in a fun and engaging way, where they develop and fine-tune their skills for later success.

Topics planned

  • Time Travel: Transition Project. (July for 3 weeks) Literacy skills, creative writing, moral dilemmas, treasure hunts, baseline testing, getting to know you, unearthing a time capsule.
  • The novel-Wonder: (Sept to Oct half term) Combines a range of skills, including: deducing, inferring or interpreting information, events or ideas from texts. Talking and responding to others in groups and pairs. To write imaginative, interesting and thoughtful texts which are appropriate to task, reader and purpose.To organise and present whole texts effectively by using paragraphs and effective punctuation.
  • The Christmas & Charity Campaign: (Nov to Dec) Persuasive, writing to inform and instruct. The teaching of a broad range of writing techniques.
  • China: (Jan to March)Understanding of other cultures, political issues, celebration of various festivals. Creative writing, newspaper articles, review writing, speaking & listening skills, Performance of showcase for whole school during Quest time
  • Boy in the Striped Pyjamas: (April to June) A Novel. A text based approach. Historical research, empathetic writing and developing analytical skills.