KS3 Science

In KS3, Science is designed to nurture pupil skills, foster their interest and prepare them for their KS4 qualifications. The curriculum is designed to focus on skills and knowledge theta will be used in their qualifications and to engender Scientific literacy. In each year, the topics have a central theme which is used to tie together elements of the 3 sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


  • It’s a Small world (Cells, Elements and Electricity)
  • Body Bits (Blood and the key body systems)
  • Where we live (The Earth and it’s place in the Solar System)
  • Snap, Crackle and Pop (Chemical Reactions, Sound and Static Electricity)
  • X-Men (Evolution, Inheritance and Forces)


  • Trashing the Earth (Fuels, Sustainability, Pollution and the Air)
  • Colour (Paint, Acids and Bases, Waves and Light)
  • Red Bull (Food Groups, Nutrients, Fitness and Health)
  • Top Gear (Speed, Metals, Car Safety and Drugs and their effects)
  • Saving the Earth (Sampling, Feeding relationships, Heat and Insulation)

Throughout the course are a range of assessments that are used to gauge the progress of each learner. There are dedicated ELT tasks for each theme and these are used, along with the assessments, to drive interventions where learners need additional support but also to celebrate success.

These principles will allow learners to master  the basics in key areas Science that will allow them to be successful in the future in their GCSEs and beyond.