Pathways Booklet 2014

Type: Letter Home
Author: Bryan Picton
Year of Publishing: 2014
Keywords: Pathways, Choices

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This document aims to outline the curriculum which students who are currently in Year 9 (Cohort 2016) and Year 8 (Cohort 2017) will experience at Wingfield Academy from July 2014.

A large part of the curriculum is compulsory for all students but there is also an element which allows the Academy and students to shape learning programmes according to current areas of achievement, interests and future career aspirations.

At Wingfield we are determined to ensure this guidance process is a well informed and positive experience in order for the right decisions to be made. This publication is one of a range of strategies we use in order to support this aim. Other strategies that are used to inform the guidance process include student voice activities, use of progress data and staff subject recommendations. All learners and parent/carers are also invited to a guidance session with a Senior Leader in March/April.

Whatever programme students eventually follow Wingfield staff in partnership with students and their parent/carers will encourage each individual young person to achieve his or her best personal growth and academic progress. Furthermore we will work together to nurture the development of engaged, happy and aspirational young adults who have the skills and qualities to progress with confidence into the wider adult world.

Yours sincerely,


B Picton

Deputy Headteacher

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