Private Fostering Awareness Week

3-9 July 2017

Is your child being cared for by someone else?

If your child is being cared for, or is likely to be cared for by someone else then you may be entering into a private fostering arrangement. This agreement requires you to inform Rotherham Councils Children's Services of your plans.

Reasons why your child may be privately fostered

  • Parental seperation, divorce or arguments within the home.
  • Teenagers who are living with the family of a boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Parents who study or their work involves unsociable hours and they are unable to use ordinary day care.
  • Birth parents living overseas have sent their child to this country for education or healthcare reasons and their child is living with a host family.

What should I do if I intent to let someone else care for my child?

Private fostering occurs when a parent makes arrangements for their child to be cared for by someone other than themselves for more than 28 days. This may be with extended family (not a blood relative or someone connmected through marriage) or a family friend. A child is considered to be anyone under the age of 16 or a disabled young person under 18.

Support for you

Rotherham Council has a duty of care to make sure your child is safe and everyone involved with the arrangement is getting the right advice, guidance and support they need. They will complete statutory checks on the carer to make sure they are capable of keeping your child safe and we will arrange regular visits to see how your child has settles with their carer.

Contact details:

Tel: 01709 823976