The Academy and many of the individual departments have their own Twitter accounts. Need revision ideas? Links to Resources? You can find this and much more on the various feeds our staff publish.

Curriculum Departments

  • Geography - Lots of revision resources. We will be 'live' for an hour the evening before each exam if you have any questions.
  • PE - News and updates from the Physical Education department of competition progress, extra-curricular activities, and much, much more.
  • SMSC - Our Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural Development Twitter page.
  • Childcare - Images and updates from the Childcare team at Wingfield Academy.
  • Vocational Education - Pictures and updates from our VocEd team.
  • English - Resources, useful links, and picture updates from our English team.
  • History - Links to History resources and pictures that will never get old.
  • Design & Technology - Updates and pictures of students' creations made in our Technology classrooms.
  • Drama - Useful links, pictures and videos from Drama performances, rehearsals, and classes.
  • Science - Our Science department post Equations of the Week, pictures and useful advice for students.
  • Maths - Brain teasers, class pictures, and useful links for all things Maths related.
  • Art - Images from some of our very talented students' portfolios and projects.
  • Inclusion - Pictures and information from our dedicated Inclusion team.

Academy Wide

  • Wingfield Academy - Latest news & Events
  • Spotlight Theatre - The Spotlight Theatre, located at Wingfield Academy, with updates on performances and rehearsals.
  • Head - Mr Davis sends out useful links, quotes, advice and images from his Wingfield Twitter feed.
  • Attendance - Weekly updates, useful information and advice for students, and attendance related images.