Winter NHS Advice Letter

Type: Letter Home
Author: PDA
Year of Publishing: 2017

Dear Parent/Carer,

After receiving advice from the Local Authority, please take the time to read the following guidance.

The NHS is facing intense pressure over the forthcoming winter months as it tackles record levels of demand. The winter months can be an incredibly busy period for people accessing NHS services so people are being asked to help by freeing-up appointments for those who need to see their doctor the most, by making use of local pharmacies for help and advice on colds and winter wellness. A pharmacy in the local area that prescribe FREE medication for children under minor ailment scheme is:

WINTERHILL PHARMACY or please find a list at

As winter is traditionally the NHS’ busiest time of year, RCCG wish to relay the following message to all parents;

All children get coughs and colds. This is a normal part of growing up and no medicines can prevent them. The best way to look after your child is to make sure they have plenty to drink and if they have a temperature some paracetamol will help. Most doctors don’t recommend cough medicines and antibiotics won’t help a cold. If your child is absent from school for minor ailments, please make use of local pharmacies to access the free minor ailment scheme (local pharmacies are mentioned above) . It’s important that patients who need the most help can access services.

The guidance, extracts taken from School Attendance, Departmental advice for maintained schools, academies, independent schools and local authorities (DfE October 2014) states:

  • Parents to the Academy on the first day your child is unable to attend due to illness.
  • The Academy will be able to provide advice and support.
  • If the authenticity of illness is in doubt, the Academy can request parents to provide medical evidence to support illness.
  • The Academy can record the absence as unauthorised if not satisfied of the authenticity of the illness.
  • Medical evidence can take the form of prescriptions, appointment cards, etc. rather than doctors’ notes.’

Thank you for your continued support

Year Group: